Dr Mahmoud Hassan

Dental Artist

Royal dental centre is a modern & friendly private dental clinic in the heart of Cairo. We offer an extensive range of dental services according to your specific needs with the highest treatment quality at the most affordable prices.
Because your smile matters, we included the latest technologies in the digital smile design world to meet the international standards and your excellence’s expectations

Are you always too shy to smile?
Do you wish there was something you could do to change this?

Our Services:

Veneers - Skyns - Dental crowns - Bleaching - Implant

cosmetic dentistry is an expression used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and bite.

Consultation stage

First visit to us is not going to be what you would usually expect from a dentist appointment.
Professional help to decide which smile suites you better.
Get to know all your treatment options.
Find most appropriate solution to fit your specific needs.
Adjust your expectations realistically.
You have the right to see some of our work of patients with similar dental issues.
Only photo shooting session, scans and impressions are enough to make a digital clone of your mouth and smile. This digital clone allows us dentists to use the latest technologies which eliminate trial errors, laboratory work error, reduces work time for obtaining the fastest, best and most accurate results which every patient deserves

Computerized digital Designing stage

Veneers: minimal invasive treatment options.
Skyns: veneers & crowns with very natural shape and texture.
Dental crowns: restoring compromised teeth.
Bleaching: brightens your teeth in 20 minutes with non-invasive procedure.Implant: implants are the infrastructure of oral health and aesthetics, when teeth are no longer there.

gum treatment: treatment of gummy smile by Laser is the greatest discovery in dentistry in past 100 years which takes away the needle and the drill. This technology provides patients with precision treatment with minimal pain & faster recovery time.

Planning stage

The digital design will then be turned into a 3D simulation of your future teeth.
Your replacement teeth are inserted to see what your teeth will look like and adjustments can still be made upon request.
Once you confirm the design this will be detailed into a functional treatment plan that integrates function, biology and structure in order to achieve a long lasting healthy result.

Treatment stage (one-day treatment)

After planning the aesthetic appearance, we Handle all biological problems: – decay, plaque, infection, cavities and any gum abnormalities.
Next step, we take care of functional problems: bites, jaw position, and muscular balance.
Then, structural problems: braces to move teeth, implants to replace missing teeth.
All of the above steps are guided by a computerized digital design.
When this stage is finished your teeth will be healthy, functionally stable and structurally sound which are the conditions we need for aesthetic and functional longevity with a lifetime warranty.

Aesthetic stage

We decide either to place veneers, non-prep. Veneers, crowns, skyns, white fillings or whitening.
Everyone wants a healthy and a beautiful teeth.
We focus on offering natural looking treatment whilst preserving the health and function of your teeth.