About Us

Royal Dental Clinics

Our Vision:
we believe that patients comfort is not less important than cleanness , quality and expertise of the treatment. So we combined latest trends in dentistry with a very soothing atmosphere in our royal clinics.

Our Goal:
Is to provide predictable and comfortable dental treatments covering all issues in dentistry especially aesthetic dentistry; smile designing or Hollywood smile.

Our Services:
cosmetic dentistry is an expression used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and bite.
Laser Bleaching: brightens your teeth in 20 minutes with non-invasive procedure.
Implant: implant are the infrastructure of oral health and aesthetics, when teeth are no longer there.
Gum treatment: treatment of all gum and oral tissues problems
Dental fillings
Cleaning scaling and polishing
Surgeries and minor surgeries
Transparent braces and orthodontic treatments: alignment of teeth and arches
Computerized Root canal treatments
Bleaching: teeth whitening
Veneers:Designed by me and able to be tried in and modified in patient’s mouth and see them from the first visit before any treatment start to avoid remakes always happens due to lack of communication and unexpected shape and color

Dental Tourism
We provide ultimate featured dental care services for tourists and foreigners with a suitable schedule and reduced time.

Our Quality Standards
• Follow the latest cross infection guidelines.
• Listen to your dental concerns and try and give a clear explanation and a variety of solutions using the latest techniques available.
• Inform you of the latest techniques and all the options and always use the best materials available
• Provide high quality, modern dentistry, performed efficiently and as gently as possible.