Smile Design

Tooth Bonding is a relatively low cost, single-visit procedure whereby a layer of composite is ‘bonded’ to the surface of the tooth.

Bonding is most effective when used to repair minor chips. It can also be used in a veneering procedure conceptually similar to Porcelain Veneers, where instead, a composite material is bonded to the tooth surface to correct a variety of aesthetic problems from color to shape. These ‘Composite Veneers’ are not as colour-staple, and are disadvantaged by lack of durability. They are more likely to chip and stain, and they don’t glow in fluorescent light.

Due to their inherent deterioration over time,  Dr. Mahmoud Hassan usually use Composite Veneers as a temporary and diagnostic measure to demonstrate to the patient what can be achieved with Porcelain Veneers.

Facially-driven design

Facial features guide us to design the ideal outline and harmony of each smile. Once we have the wireframe of the future smile we can select the ideal shape, texture and color. Finally we will choose the ideal restoration type and materials.